Company history

GEOVOLÁN Tömegáru Fuvarozó és Földmunkavégző Kft. was founded by the Volán Tömegáru és Bányászati Fuvarozó Rt.  from its Ajka division on the 1st of October, 1994. The new company replaced and continued the operation of the division in the Transdanubian region, and in some cases in the other parts of the country.

In 1996,  Volán 21. Rt. was liquidated. GEOVOLÁN Kft. was sold, and purchased by VEGAT Kft. and ITB Kft. The company changed its name to GEOVOL Kft. in the 2th of January, 2006 and continued operation ever since.

In 2010, following the Ajka alumina plant accident, out company was among the first which started carrying out the action plans and disaster recovery processes mandated by various national authorities. This actions were later broadened with actions to reduce air pollution near the red sludge storage units. ( and storage unit) The earthworking processes on the non-solidified red sludge in the units proved to be a great challenge for the company. In spite of the diffulties, all deadlines were met by our company.

Since 2011, partially with other consortiums, GEOVOL Kft. successfully completed several reinforcement actions of storage unit dams (VII/North, VIII/North, IX/North-South,X/North dams), while assisting Phase I. shutdown of storage unit X. Our company won other contracts, for example the renovation works of fishing pond and water storage near Ajka-Kolontár, while working on several site rehabilitation projects.

In 2012, GEOVOL Kft. broadened its profile: the central site of the former Halimba mine facility was purchased with all its supplementary equipment. The company also provides industrial water to the many other companies in the neighbouring area . The newly formed technology park offers an ideal solution for companies looking for place to rent. A fully-build infrastructure, including electricity, water supply, gas is waiting for the new tenant companies.