Earthwork & Site Development

Our company successfuly completed several business deals, some as prime contractor while others as a subcontractor also.

Our original profile includes

  • Open-pit mining overburden removal, bench creation
  • Open-pit extraction, hauling
  • general site rehabilitation, environmental remediation 

In the recent years, we have also received contracts in the fields of

  • general site preparation and earthworking
  • preparation and rehabilitation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste storage facilities

We also accept deals in

  • general earthworking and transportation of goods with trucks and heavy machinery of arbitrary kind
  • waste transportation (of sorts permitted by our environmental permit, please see Contacts for more information) 

GEOVOL Kft. has several years of experience in all of the listed types of work.  The company is able to provide all of the neccessary human and technical resources for the succesful completition of its contracts.  Our supplementary resources include

  • petrol tankers/tanker trucks
  • water trucks, maintenance vechiles, buses,
  • Environmental-friendly hazardous and non-hazardous waste storage facility

For more details, please visit Resources page.