Industrial estates, workshops, storage units, garages, and offices are available for rent in our industrial park at a reasonable price!

The industrial park of our company is an ideal solution for your demand – whether it is storage, manufacturing or office work.  Places of arbitrary size and parameters are available to ensure the best fit for your company. Please Contact us, and let us find the ideal solution for you.

The full size of the industrial park incorporates a total of  11 Hectares (110000m^2). The park can be accessed on paved roads both from Ajka and Halimba. The site is composed of a main building with offices and social areas (see Floor Plans for details) and several other, smaller buildings. 24/7 security services are one site with dogs contibute to maximum security.

The park lies 1 km from the nearest municipal area, which makes it ideal for activities with larger noise and pollution. Maps are available here.

The industrial park is fitted with a modern infrastructure system with adequate capacity for all sorts of manufacturing activities. The available systems include

  • sewage system (the site has an own sewage processing facility)
  • water system (industrial and public connection available)
  • electrical system (a powerful 35kV/400V transformer for the most energy demanding jobs, medium voltage access and price!) Please see Pictures for details.
  • gas system (gas and oil tanks, petrol station)

The main building is a three-floor building with several offices, storage rooms and large social halls. The site has a dedicated waste storage facility, which has environmental permit for many types of waste.